DIY Balloon Garland

Go all-out for your next party with a DIY balloon garland. It may look intimidating, but our easy party hack makes it a cinch to create this party decoration. Get it done in under an hour—it’s that simple!

A bag of purchased balloons and a strip of balloon garland tape transform into a gorgeous party garland in under an hour! We purchased a package of balloons in various shades of pink then used a long strip of balloon garland tape to create the body of the garland. Fill in with a few fresh flowers and sprigs of greenery, then hang it above the food table or serving area for a party decoration that makes a big statement.

  • Working Time 1 Hour
  • Start to Finish 1 Hour
  • Difficulty         Projects Kind of Easy

What you need


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Nails
  • Hammer


  • Balloons
  • Balloon garland tape
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh greenery
  • String

How to do it

Step 1 Prepare the balloons

Start with a few packages of balloons that match the theme of your party; we used shades of pink and gold for a champagne-themed party, but you can use any combination that fits your party vibe. Blow up the balloons (yes, all of them!) or invest in a balloon pump to save your breath. We found that blowing the balloons only two-thirds of the way up made it easier to attach them to the garland—be careful not to over-inflate! Keep the balloons small enough that added flowers or greenery don’t get lost.

Step 2 Assemble garland

The secret to an over-the-top, professional-looking balloon garland is the balloon garland tape—seriously, this stuff is magical. Look for the tape at your local party store (it’s probably next to the balloons). Cut a strip of the tape that measures the length you want the finished garland to be. Starting at one end, pop the tied openings of the balloons through the small holes in the tape, alternating colors and sizes of balloons. When the garland is full, it’s time to hang it and add the embellishments!  

Step 3 Step 3: Display

To hang the balloon garland, tie a long piece of string to each end. Decide where you want to hang the garland, then have a partner hold the garland against the wall (or set it on the floor, against the wall, if you’re party-prepping by yourself) and make a small pencil mark at each end. Hammer a nail into the wall at each mark, and use the strings to tie the garland to the nails. Once the garland is hung securely, fill in with flowers or greenery that match the color scheme. We’re obsessed with how the peonies and sprigs of greenery make this pink garland pop!

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1 Comment

  1. I don't know if I'm officially "qualified" to comment since I haven't actually done this project. However, I'm qualified enough to know there is no way I'm putting nails in my wall for a temporary balloon garland. This seems to be a perfect project for Command Hooks, where you can easily remove them after the party and you don't have to fill the holes, sand, and then paint the entire wall you ruined with unnecessary holes created by unnecessary nails!! I mean, seriously, how heavy can this garland be that it requires nails? I'm very thoughtful and contemplate long and hard before I put a nail in my wall that will hold a painting/picture for YEARS! To each their own... I just don't understand marring your home unnecessarily for a few hours of festivities.

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