Beach Games

Playing these beach games with your family will perk up your party on the sand.

Try this variation of golf to entertain the kids. It's fun, competitive, and you can award creative beach prizes, too.

What You Need:

  • 9 cups
  • 3 golf balls
  • Prizes


1. Bury the cups in the sand with their tops at ground level.

2. Players roll or putt the golf balls to try to get three in a row in the cups.

3. Award prizes. Present the winners with sand dollars, starfish, or sandwiches.

Here's an idea to keep the kids busy while Mom and Dad relax.

Sample Treasure Hunt List:

  • 10 shells that are undamaged
  • 10 shells with holes in them
  • 10 shells smaller than a dime
  • 10 pebbles bigger than a quarter
  • 10 items that are blue (or purple, orange, round, square, rough, etc.)


1. Dig a small hole in the sand for each child.

2. Give each player the treasure hunt list. Adapt it if necessary so that the list contains items that can be found on your beach. Then explain that they must bring back the items and place them in their spot.

3. The first one to find all the items wins a prize. (Make sure you tell the kids how far they can stray, and that they shouldn't take something that belongs to someone else.)

4. Save the items to create mosaics, collages, and jewelry after you get home.


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