Turn a plain pile of pinecones into a colorful wreath for fall. Make your own pinecone flower wreath just three quick steps!

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Usually, we’re picking up pinecones from the yard to make natural wreaths—but this time, we’re upcycling them into a colorful display that's perfect for your front porch. We’ll show you how to cut and paint a set of pinecone "flowers" (they look just like zinnias!) to decorate your new rainbow wreath. This pinecone wreath looks great indoors or out, and you can easily customize it to match your outdoor decor—or paint the pinecones the same colors as the flowers in your front yard!

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 3 hrs
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

cutting off top of long pine cone
Credit: Jacob Fox
pine cones being sprayed with pink paint
Credit: Jacob Fox
Step 1

Cut and Paint Pinecones

Making pinecone wreath flowers is surprisingly easy, as long as you have heavy-duty scissors or craft shears ($14, Amazon). To make, cut each pinecone into one-inch sections to create flat "flower" layers. Make as many flowers as you want (we used approximately 16 for our wreath), then divide the cut pinecone flowers and whole pinecones into piles.

Lay down a protective surface (or head outside!) and spray-paint each pile of pinecones a different color. You may need to let them dry and then flip the pieces over to fully cover them. Let the pieces dry completely before continuing.

Editor's Tip: Don't have a space to spray-paint? Try making dyed pinecones instead! 

twisting wire around painted pine cone
Credit: Jacob Fox
adhering painted flowers to colorblock wreath
Credit: Jacob Fox
Step 2

Attach Pinecones to Wreath

When all the painted pinecones are dry, use florists wire ($7, Amazon) to attach them to a wire wreath form ($8, Amazon). Loop the wire around the center of the whole pinecone before threading the wire through the wreath to attach. We covered the wreath form with whole pinecones (in rainbow order!) and then accessorized by attaching the pinecone flowers to the top of the wreath with hot glue ($12, Amazon). 

colorblock wreath with painted pine cones
Step 3

Let Dry and Hang

Let all the glue dry before you lift the pinecone wreath so the flowers don't slide off. When the wreath is totally dry (this should take 2-3 hours), it's ready to display!  To hang your DIY pinecone flower wreath, attach a heavy-duty hook to your door. 

Editor's Tip: To store your wreath, attach the decoration to a wire hanger using florists wire, and cover the wreath and hanger in plastic trash bags to protect the wreath from dust. Hang in the back of a closet and simply unwrap the wreath to display.


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