Delicious Hospitality

Attract birds and squirrels with a festive "bird-day" cake.

Bird feeding -- one of America's favorite pasttimes -- is as easy as hanging up a feeder and keeping it stocked year-round. But you don't even need a feeder to furnish sustenance for birds. Here's a creative and fun project for those who live in a snowy climate.


1. Shape a seed-laden snow-cake in your yard and watch the feathered ones flock to it. Simply pack snow into graduated-size pans.

2. Unmold and stack the snow cake layers on a plate of plywood.

3. Decorate the frosty cake with millet seeds, black sunflower seeds, and cracked corn as well as candles (for dinner by candlelight).

4. Squirrels will join ground-feeding birds such as sparrows, juncos, and cardinals in feasting on the seed du jour.

5. If you live in a warm climate, just sprinkle the feed on a plywood plate (to protect it from ground moisture).


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