Make an Ombre Glittered Vase

Transform a glass cylinder into a dazzling centerpiece with a bit of glue and glitter. Watch how it's done.

Sparkling Display

Glitter flower vase

If you like your decorations to be both eye-catching and affordable, this glittering DIY ombre vase is for you. The final product packs serious wow factor and is perfect for holidays and special events. The sparkling vase is incredibly easy and fun to make, plus guests will be begging to know where you got it.


  • One 6 x 5-inch glass vase
  • Watered-down Elmer's glue
  • Glue brush
  • Coarse clear glitter
  • Aqua glitter
  • Sapphire glitter
  • Plastic tray


  1. Paint your vase from top to bottom with an even coat of watered-down glue.
  2. Cover the entire vase in clear, coarse glitter.
  3. Holding vase over the plastic tray, shake off excess glitter. Let vase dry.
  4. Cover the bottom half of the vase in watered-down glue over the clear glitter. It doesn't have to be perfect, so don't worry about the glue matching up perfectly at the top of each stroke.
  5. Cover the fresh layer of glue with aqua glitter, or your chosen lighter color. Be sure to glitter down, so specks of colored glitter don't mix with the clear layer at the top.
  6. Tap off excess glitter over tray and let dry.
  7. Apply a final layer of glue to the bottom quarter of your vase, which is about halfway up the second glitter shade you applied.
  8. Add sapphire glitter, or your darkest color, to the bottom of the vase.
  9. Tap off excess glitter and let dry.


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