Easy and Stylish Scarves

Knit scarf, wristers, and hat
Get cozy with one of these knit or crochet scarves that will keep you warm through the winter months.

Wasabi Cowl

Turn to this cozy, asymmetrical cowl on cool, crisp days. Knit it in just a few hours using chunky yarn and big needles, and make a striking statement with a large button closure.

Bennington Scarf

Variegated yarn adds natural stripes to this scarf without any extra work!

Hadley Scarf

Even if you're new to crochet, you'll easily pick up this simple V-stitch pattern. The scarf's long length makes it a versatile accessory for different types of wraps.

Easy Garter Stitch Scarf

Worn for warmth or fashion, this scarf knits up in an afternoon.

Knitted Wavy Rib Scarf

The light color of this long scarf shows off its beauty as you move.

Garter Stripe Scarf

Warm up any winter day with this attractive wide scarf.

Harry Potter Knit Scarf

Knit or crochet a scarf in the colors of the House of Gryffindor, just like the one Harry Potter wears.

Knit Mohair Scarf

Sure, it's fun to transform cheap yarn into something special -- but treat yourself now and then with top-of-the-line supplies. Just two luxe skeins can become an amazing scarf.

Adorable Puppet Scarf

Keep them warm and entertained at the same time with this oh-so-cute puppet scarf!

Two-Tone Knit Checked Scarf

Men, women, and kids of all ages will enjoy this simple patterned knit scarf.

Colorful Knit Ribbed Scarf

Add some casual flair to any outfit with this richly textured scarf.

Feathery Fringed Scarf

This easy-to-knit scarf makes a great wintertime fashion accessory for anyone who appreciates a little drama.

Thick and Cozy Variegated Scarf

You -- or some lucky gift recipient -- will laugh at the cold when wrapped in this easy-to-knit scarf.

Quick and Easy Fringed Scarf

A scarf wraps you in style and warmth all at once! This fringed scarf uses two solid colors to create a vertical stripe.

Knit Scarf with Slit

This short neck warmer is perfect for brisk fall days or under your toniest jacket.

Reversible Tweed Knit Scarf

This tweed-look knit scarf is created by combining solid and variegated yarns.

Shaded Knit Scarf

Stay warm this winter with a matching scarf, hat, and wristers.

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