Give the gift of handmade warmth with a knitted item.

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Easy and Stylish Scarves

Get cozy with one of these knit or crochet scarves that will keep you warm through the winter months.

Easy Sweaters You Can Knit

Adults and kids alike will enjoy these sweaters. Complete instructions accompany each project.

Knit Christmas Stocking

Add color and texture to your holiday mantel with this festive knit stocking.

White Knit Backpack

Stash everything in this knitted backpack.

Peruvian Hat

Headed to the slopes? Spend the weekend prior knitting a colorful Peruvian-style hat so you can schuss in style!

Knit-to-Fit Mittens

Like the little kittens that were smitten with their mittens, these kid-size duplicate-stitch versions are purr-fectly suited to your little ones.

More Wearables

So-Simple Knitted Mittens

Outdoor games are so much more fun when your hands are snug and cozy inside handmade knitted mittens.

Knitted Scarf with Slit

This short neck warmer is perfect for brisk fall days or under your toniest jacket.

A Basic Knitted Sweater

This entry-level project would make the perfect first sweater for the new knitter.