Make this Plaid Buffalo Check Pet Blanket

Make this cozy and washable buffalo check blanket for your pet. We'll show you how to make this DIY dog blanket with knit fabric and simple sewing skills.   

Make your furry friend a super soft buffalo check plaid blanket—it's easier than you think! We'll show you how to cut and sew knit fabric squares to make this DIY dog blanket for your loyal companion. We love the classic black, white and gray look, but you can make the blanket with any fabric you want. Choose a soft knit fabric for a cozy blanket, or opt for flannel for one that's extra warm. As long as you use a pre-washed fabric, this blanket can be thrown right into the washing machine for easy care as needed.

What You'll Need

1 Yard medium gray knit fabric

1/2 Yard light gray knit fabric

1/2 Yard black knit fabric

1 Yard checked flannel

1 Yard cotton quilt batting

Sewing needle

Straight pins


Fabric marker


Sewing machine


Yarn needle

Step 1: Cut and sew strips

Begin this homemade dog blanket by making simple quilt squares. Measure out 5 1/2-inch square pieces from medium gray, light gray, and black knit fabric. Set out squares as you go to gauge the size your blanket should be. We made a blanket that measures seven squares by seven squares—49 squares total. We recommend making a blanket that's several inches wider in diameter than your dog. 

Step 2: Sew Strips

When all the squares are cut, prepare your sewing machine by setting it to a zig-zag stitch. Begin sewing the squares into long strips, with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Alternate four medium gray and three light gray squares to create one row for the blanket and set the strip of squares aside. Make a second row using four black and three medium gray squares. Repeat until you have seven rows of each style, or adjust the total number of squares to fit your pet. When all the strips are finished, sew each row together lengthwise with a zig-zag stitch, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Step 3: Attach Layers

When all the strips have been sewn together, measure the size of the blanket top and cut a piece of flannel (or other washable material) in the same size. To give your blanket an extra layer of comfort, cut a piece of cotton batting in the same size. Sandwich the three pieces together with the squares and flannel facing right sides together. Then, place the batting against the flannel side and pin the edges to keep them straight. Sew a 1/2-inch seam around the outside of the sandwiched fabrics, leaving a 6-inch opening in the center of one end—then use this opening to turn the blanket right side out. After turning the blanket right side out, smooth out the corners, and then hand-stitch the opening with a small running stitch.

Beginner's tip: The "right sides" refers to the side of the fabric that will be facing out when the project is finished. 

Step 5: Add poms

When the blanket is finished, use a medium-weight yarn to add pom-poms to each corner of the blanket. Use a yarn needle or large embroidery needle to stitch the pom through each corner and tie off securely. Cut away extra yarn. If you're planning to put the blanket in the washing machine, we recommend not including poms, as they're likely to come off in the washer. 

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  1. My daughter is in love with this blanket, not fornthe pup, but for herself. I want to double the size, but I’m a little confused on the instructions. Sewing the pieces together, are they overlapped 1/4” right sides up or by sewing 2 pieces together one on top of the other, and ironing them?

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