Felted Bathmat and Felted Tissue Box Cover


  • One pair size 13 circular needles
  • Two skeins each of the following colors of Cascade 220 yarn - 7825 orange, 7828 neon yellow, 7802 cerise, 9404 ruby, 4192 soft pink.
  • Monofilament or fishing wire
  • Scissors
  • Finished Dimensions are 18" x 30" (approximate, after felting)


Approximately 3 stitches per inch.


With a double strand of orange, and using size 13 needles, CO 120 sts. Work St st in the following color striping:

12 rows - orange 12 rows - ruby 8 rows - soft pink 8 rows - neon yellow 8 rows - cerise 22 rows - orange 10 rows - cerise 2 rows - neon yellow 22 rows - ruby 6 rows - soft pink 8 rows - neon yellow

BO all stitches.

Tissue Box Cover

You will work one rectangle in the same manner of each color. CO 20 sts with a double strand of yarn and work St st for 30 rows. BO all sts.


Place bathmat and tissue box cover in washing machine with a pair of old jeans (no fraying jeans). Wash on hot wash, cold rinse with a mild laundry detergent until desired felting. This may take a couple washes. After pieces are felted, lay them all flat to dry. You will want to shape the bathmat into the proper dimensions at this time and pin into place. Once all piece of the tissue box are dry, carefully cut out a rectangle to match dimensions of a tissue box and seam them all together with monofilament or fishing line. The top piece will fit directly on top of the box, and you will cut a slit to accommodate easily passing tissue through for use.

The heart appliqué is made by cutting two very thin strips of leftover from the box cover and shaping it into a heart and sewing it right to the surface of the bathmat.


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