Pretty Crochet Projects That Are More Than Scarves

Scarves are stylish but also simple. If you're a crocheter looking for a challenge, you've come to the right place. Check out our collection of inspiring crochet projects and get stitching!

Chunky Throw

A chunky weave with special detail is just what your couch asked for in a throw blanket. Use a kitten-soft cotton yarn to add that extra comfort to your living room or the foot of your bed. Kids and pets alike will thank you for this ultra cozy crochet project!

Crocheting Basics

Lovely Lampshade

This lampshade cozy is perfect for a kids night-light or to diffuse light on a guest room bedside table. Start by single crocheting a rectangle the height and circumference of your existing lampshade. You can finish the edges with a slip stitch, then hand-sew both ends together in the back.

Sweet-and-Sour Slices

String a cheery garland with crocheted lemon slices. The flesh and rind of each slice are crocheted in a round, while the segmented details are added with long embroidery stitches. Chain-stitch each slice onto the cord for a summery-sweet garland!

DIY Crochet Basket

Do you have crochet supplies scattered about your crafting space? Crochet your own storage solution! This stylish basket can be customized to whatever size you need. Stitch one or two in different sizes and colors for all your crafting needs.

Get the Detailed Tutorial Here!

Kettle Warmers

Tight stitches are perfect for hot tea kettles. The weave holds in heat while protecting your hands when pouring tea. Coordinate colors to match your kitchen palette.

Pineapple Pot Holder

Here's a unique pot holder that will protect your kitchen surfaces while adding fun fruity flair! Give your hot pads a tropical twist and mimic the pointy texture of a pineapple by working textural fan stitches into the pad. A cluster of green crocheted leaves tops it off!


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