These oversize blankets are the perfect snuggling accessory. Discover why we love them, plus how to make one yourself.

By Sydney Price

There's something about a chunky knit blanket that just makes life cozier. Even if it's warm where you live, you can still curl up with a hot beverage and make your own arm-knitted blanket to prepare for the cooler months ahead.

The best part about these oversize blankets is that you don't even need to own knitting needles to make one. You just need some thick yarn, which you can purchase at fabric and craft stores and through online sellers. Look for yarn labeled "jumbo" or weight 7. Synthetic and blended fiber skeins are less expensive, while 100% wool yarn will cost more. If you're a beginner, practice knitting with cheaper yarn to get the hang of it.

Yarn is sold by weight, so you'll want to pay attention to labels. While your blanket might only require 6 skeins, the weight of the yarn per roll is much heavier. The size of the blanket and time spent on it may also vary based on how tightly and quickly you knit. For help on learning the technique, follow this tutorial from Midwest Living. Of course, if knitting sounds too intimidating, you can always buy a ready-made knitted blanket. In the meantime, dive into some dreamy blanket inspiration, below.

To give you an idea of how much yarn you'll need for an arm-knitted blanket, we've compared a few blogger projects:

1. Blanket by Place of My Taste (final blanket shown above)

  • Yarn brand: Premier Yarns Couture Jazz (Weight 7)
  • Amount used: 11 skeins (2.4 lb)
  • Size of blanket: 42x60-inches
  • Time spent: 40 minutes

2. Blanket by Simply Maggie

  • Yarn brand: Premier Yarns Couture Jazz (Weight 7)
  • Amount used: 8 skeins (1.75 lb)
  • Size of blanket: 36x 60-inches
  • Time spent: 45 minutes

3. Blanket by Love of Home

  • Yarn brand: Loops & Threads Biggie Yarn (Weight 6)
  • Amount used: 6 skeins (2.99 lb)
  • Size of blanket: 40x 50-inches
  • Time spent: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Farmhouse Feel

Wood accents, plaid pillows, and floral motifs infuse this bedroom with classic farmhouse style. A chunky knit throw makes the space feel extra homey and inviting. Of course, we're all for the fresh flowers on the tray, too. See how Jodie Kammerer made it over at The Design Twins. She also has a helpful conversion table showing how much yarn you'd need for different sized blankets.

High Contrast

A white arm-knitted blanket makes a bold statement against a black couch. Here, it lends fluffy texture and contrast to an otherwise monochromatic living room. And how about that gallery wall?

Serene Nursery

This nursery feels calm and relaxing thanks to its muted tones and subtle mountain wall design. A thick mint-green blanket is just the thing to warm up parents and baby when it gets chilly.

Neutral Nook

Bohemian vibes abound in this living room -- check out the string lights, exposed beams, and assorted rugs. An arm-knitted blanket fits right in draped across a hanging rattan chair, creating a snuggly spot to read a book.


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