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Knitting a scarf for yourself or for someone else is usually not a quick feat. Unless you are a knitting protégé, it can take several hours to a few days, depending on your yarn and skill level. Thankfully, there is an easy hack that makes a cute, trendy scarf. And all you need is yarn and your fingers! YouTube User Alejandra's Styles breaks it down in this easy-to-follow instructional video. Give it a try and you'll have a handmade scarf for every day of the week before the fall weather heads your way.

Step 1

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

Pick your yarn. Alejandra suggest going with a bulky yarn in your favorite color. The thicker the yarn you use, the quicker the knitting will be done and ready to wear!

Step 2

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

To begin this knit, make a slip knot and loop it around your thumb. If you're new to knitting, you can see how to make a slip knot in her instructional video below.

Step 3

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

This next step is a little tricky, but sets up the success of the scarf. Take the working end of the yarn and weave it one time between your fingers. When you get to your pinky finger, weave it back the other way. The result should look like one loop around each finger.

Step 4

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

Wrap one big loop around all fingers, excluding your thumb.

Step 5

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

On each finger, grab the bottom loop and pull it up and off your finger so it is now behind your finger.

Step 6

Image courtesy of Alejandra's Styles

Repeat steps four and five until you have reached your desired length. Alejandra made her scarf eight feet long so she could wrap it around her neck several times—and the result is super cute!

Watch the video below to see how she finishes the knit and ties the two ends together to create an infinity scarf. This knitting hack is so easy, even beginners can finish the entire project in 30 minutes! You'll have time to make one for each family member—perfect for a seasonal family portrait!


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