Common Knitting and Crochet Abbreviations

Print this guide as a quick reference when doing knitting and crochet projects.

Knitting Abbreviations

Knitting is more popular than ever.

approx: approximately beg: begin(ning) CC: contrasting color cn: cable needle cont: continue dec: decrease dpn: double-pointed needle est: established inc: increase k: knit k2tog: knit 2 together lp: loop M1: make one stitch MC: main color p: purl pat: pattern psso: pass the slipped stitch over p2sso: pass 2 slipped stitches over p2tog: purl 2 together rem: remain(s)(ing) rep: repeat rnd(s): round(s) RS: right side tog: together skp: slip, knit, pass over sl: slip ssk: slip, slip, knit ssp: slip, slip, purl st(s): stitch(es) St st: stockinette stitch yb: yarn back yf: yarn forward yo: yarn over WS: wrong side

Crochet Abbreviations

The looser stitching of crochet makes it perfect for babywear.

beg: begin(ning) ch: chain dc: double crochet est: established hdc: half double crochet inc: increase lp(s): loop(s) rep: repeat rev sc: reverse single crochet rnd: round RS: right side sc: single crochet sl st: slip stitch sp(s): space(s) st(s): stitch(es) tog: together tr: treble crochet WS: wrong side


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