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Get free patterns for trendy knit and crochet projects! Our step-by-step instructions will make knitting or crocheting warm winter accessories, cute baby clothes, or trendy gifts easy!

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How to Make an Arm-Knitted Blanket

Knitting has made a huge comeback, and we're fully embracing it. To make this gorgeous, chunky-knit throw blanket, simply use your arms as knitting needles. Depending on the size of your blanket, expect to finish one in as little as an afternoon.
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We Can't Get Over These Arm-Knitted Blankets

These oversize blankets are the perfect snuggling accessory. Discover why we love them, plus how to make one yourself.
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Pretty Crochet Projects That Are More Than Scarves

Scarves are stylish but also simple. If you're a crocheter looking for a challenge, you've come to the right place. Check out our collection of inspiring crochet projects and get stitching!
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Crochet Owl Basket

This adorable crochet owl basket makes the perfect organizer for your desk essentials or an adorable DIY gift, because whooooo can resist an organizing solution that's this cute?!
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Trendy Crochet Projects

This is not your grandmother's crochet. Grab a hook and show off your skills with fashion-forward jewelry and accessories you can whip up in no time.