It's slime time! Our fluffy slime recipe has just five ingredients and is so easy to make! We'll show you how to make unicorn slime with stunning swirls of pink, blue, and purple.
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Making fluffy slime without borax is easier than you think! This casual chemistry experiment is one you can do at home with older kids; they might not be too interested in the science behind it, but they’ll love playing with the finished product! Unicorn slime starts with our basic DIY fluffy slime recipe, which uses contact solution to hold the glue and shaving cream mixture together. Add unicorn colors and start squishing, squeezing, and stretching the homemade slime!

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 30 mins
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

fluffy slime how to glue bowl mix
Step 1

Make glue mixture

Empty the bottle of white glue into a mixing bowl—let it sit upside down to get every last drop! Add in the water and the baking soda, stirring constantly as you add the other slime ingredients. These ingredients make up the base of the slime, so be sure this mixture is well combined before adding the shaving cream. 

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fluffy slime how to shaving cream measuring cup bowl
fluffy slime how to white mix stir spoon bowl
Step 2

Make it fluffy

Wondering how to make slime fluffy? It starts with shaving cream! Measure three cups of the shaving cream into the bowl and stir it into the glue mixture; we used a plain, unscented, white shaving cream. It can be tricky to get exact measurements, so we suggest erring on the side of more shaving cream instead of less. If the three cups don't add enough fluff, you can spray a few more tablespoons directly into the bowl. Stir the glue mixture and shaving cream together until the mixture looks and feels like melted marshmallows. When it's well mixed, add the contact solution. This is where the magic happens! The contact solution reacts with the glue and the shaving cream to create a thick, slime-like consistency. When the mixture gets difficult to stir, pick it up and knead it with your hands. If the slime is still too sticky, add more contact solution until you're able to pick it up and play with it without leaving residue on your hands. 

fluffy slime how to three bowls separation spoon
fluffy slime how to three bowls color blue red stir mix
Step 3

Add color

When you've achieved the perfect slime consistency, it's time to give your slime a pretty color—or three! Split the fluffy slime into three separate bowls and pick your food coloring hues. We recommend pastel pink, purple, and blue for the perfect unicorn look. Add in a drop or two of food coloring and stir into the slime mixture. If it isn't quite enough pigment, add another drop and stir. Or, for more messy fun, combine the color with your hands! 

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fluffy slime how to swirl horizontal final
Step 4


Once you have three separate colors, use your hands to pull each color of fluffy slime into a loglike shape. Stack the three colors together and squish slightly so they stick to one another. Then, twist to create the perfect swirled unicorn slime recipe. The more you play with the DIY slime, the less distinct the colors will be. If the slime starts sticking to your hands as you play with it, just add a small squeeze of contact solution to firm it up again. 

Editor's Tip: Want to make fluffy unicorn glitter slime? Add your favorite glitter with the shaving cream.

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