Stenciled T-Shirts

What's summer's must-have top? summer's must-have top? A custom T-shirt made by you and the kids. Just print our patterns, grab some glue, and get going.


You'll need T-shirts, Elmer's glue or gel glue, fabrics paint, paintbrushes, small cups or jars, and our downloadable illustration.


Place illustration face-up inside the T-shirt, so that pattern is visible through fabric. If desired, secure with safety pins. Carefully trace illustration with glue, pressing the tip into the shirt so glue penetrates and you get a clean line. (Don't "drop" glue from above.) Allow glue to dry completely overnight.


Mix paint in small cups, diluting with water until it's the consistency of whole milk. Paint design between glue lines. Let dry completely.


Machine wash T-shirts and dry in dryer. Put on and enjoy a stylish new top!


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