Teen Bedroom Crafts

Organizing and decorating your personal space creates a good atmosphere for homework and fun.

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    Funky Lampshades

    Give your room a hip new look when you decorate a plain lampshade with bright-colored paper designs, beads, and trims.

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    Wire-Screen Desk Set

    Organize your desk in style with this set of color-coordinated desk accessories made from wire mesh, colored wire coils, and beads.

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    Sparkling Beaded Candleholder

    Colorful beads sparkle by candlelight in this votive holder.

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    Message Center Bulletin Board

    Build a bulletin board from cork circles attached to the wall with removable mounting stickers.

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    Blooming Basket

    Rim a handy basket with foam flower stickers and ribbon.

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    Drawer Organizer

    Create an organized space for pens and other goodies.

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    Bookmark Buddies

    Add lively fun to your homework when you mark your place with bookmarks made from shrink art, beads, and chenille stems.

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    Decorated Door Hangers

    Make personalized doorknob signs to let everyone know you have your own space. Use foam shapes, jewels, fun key chains, and your imagination.

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    Page Critters

    You'll never lose your place with these colorful pets marking your page.

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