Fingerprint Frame

Give your personal touch to picture mats by makng itty-bitty fingerprint bugs with paint.

What You'll Need:

Create ladybugs, caterpillars, and butterflies with black marking pen details.
  • Acrylic paints in good bug colors
  • Frame with double mats
  • Black fine-line marking pen


1. To make ladybugs, dip a finger in red paint. Press finger onto one of the photo mats. Make as many red dots as you wish, leaving spaces between the dots. Let the paint dry. Draw dots and curly antennae with a marking pen.

2. To make caterpillars, dip a finger in green paint. Make a bunch of dots in an uneven line. Continue making lines of dots with your finger, leaving space between bugs. Let dry. Make faces and antennae with a marking pen.

3. To make butterflies, dip a finger in any color of paint and make two prints, side by side. Continue making butterfly wings like this until you like the way the mat looks. Let dry. Use a marking pen to add details, such as spots and antennae.


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