Map Case

Old road maps can be used in surprising ways. Here we show you how to make a storage case for your trip.

What You Need:

Your maps can travel in style.
  • Paper lunch bag in size desired
  • Old road map
  • Adhesive-backed clear vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 2 buttons
  • Thin but sturdy string or strong thread
  • 1-inch adhesive-backed letters

1. Take apart the lunch bag to use for a pattern.

2. Draw around the pattern on the map. Draw an extension at the top of one of the long sides, for a flap.

3. Cover the entire map with adhesive-backed clear vinyl.

4. Cut, fold, and glue the map into the bag shape. Fold over the top flap, and glue on buttons. Wrap string tightly around one button, and let a length dangle so you can use it to hold the flap closed.

5. Fasten adhesive-backed letters onto the front of the case to say "MAP" or your name or the name of the place you are going.


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