Fun Felt Crafts for Kids

Let your little one practice their sewing skills with these easy felt projects they are sure to love!

Precious Pincushion

This is the perfect pincushion for a beginner sewer. The simple whip-stitched cushion is filled with batting and topped with a felt flower to give it the perfect shape.

What You Need
-- 1 sheet of pink and orange felt
-- Scraps of white felt
-- Batting
-- Embroidery thread and needle (we used a kid-friendly tapestry needle for all of our sewing projects in this slide show)

See the next slide for instructions.

Make It: Precious Pincushion

1. Download the template, trace, then cut felt to size.
2. Hold together the edge of the circle and long strip. Whip-stitch till complete.
3. Do the same with the bottom circle.
4. Stuff batting into the cushion through the opening of edged in the strip. Stitch the opening closed.
5. Attach the flower using felt glue.

Simple Tote

Perfect for trips to the library or packing a towel for the pool, this tote can be made in four simple steps.

What You Need
-- 4 sheets of white felt
-- 1 sheet of pink and blue felt
-- Needle and embroidery thread
-- Buttons
-- Felt glue

See the next slide for instructions.

Make It: Simple Tote

1. Download the template, trace and cut the felt shapes.
2. Using a straight stitch, attach the 3-x-10-inch strip to the full piece of felt with a contrasting color of embroidery thread. Complete the two sides, then the bottom with a 3-x-10-inch strip.
3. Attach the small handles using straight stitches.
4. Stack the circles, top with buttons, then attach using felt glue.

Retro Owl Artwork

This retro-style owl would look cute sitting in any little girl's room. You can also use the template to make an adorable throw pillow.

What You Need
-- 1 sheet of green, yellow, pink and brown felt
-- Scraps of black and white felt
-- Felt glue
-- Canvas
-- Needle and embroidery thread

See the next slide for instructions.

Make It: Owl Artwork

1. Download template, trace and cut shapes.
2. Assemble the owl by whip-stitching the smaller center piece to the outside piece.
3. Attach the eyes and beak using felt glue (we stitched the beak on for added detail).
4. Glue a solid piece of felt to a canvas (our canvas was 8 x 11 inches).
5. Use felt glue to attach the owl and branch to the canvas.

Whale Onesie

If your little one wants to make a gift for her little brother or sister, this onesie is the perfect fit.

What You Need
-- 1 light blue sheet of felt, 1 dark blue sheet of felt
-- Brown and white felt scraps
-- Onesie
-- Felt glue

See the next slide for instructions.

Make It: Whale Onesie

1. Download template, trace and cut shapes.
2. Attach the whale to the onesie using felt glue.

Letter Ornaments

Dress up the walls in your kids' rooms with these easy-to-make ornaments.

What You Need
-- 2 sheets of felt per letter
-- White embroidery thread
-- Needle (we use a kid-friendly tapestry needle)
-- Buttons
-- Ribbon
-- Batting

See the next slide for instructions.

Make It: Letter Ornaments

1. Print large letters off of your computer. Then trace onto the felt. Cut out the letters.
2. Add buttons to the front of the letter (optional).
3. Holding the two layers together, do a whip-stitch around the letter.
4. Add batting to the letters as you go along (make sure the batting is stuffed into the letter tightly).
5. Stitch or glue a small ribbon to the back of the letter for easy hanging.

Custom Photo Album

Dress up an ordinary photo album with the help of a little felt and ribbon.

What You Need
-- 4-x-6 photo album
-- 2 sheets of different-color felt
-- Ribbon
-- Scissors
-- Glue

Make It: Custom Photo Album

1. Lay the album on the felt. Trace, leaving about a 1/2 inch on the outside. You'll need 2 pieces.
2. Wrap the felt around the album, just like you are wrapping a package. Use glue where needed.
3. Cut a small 2-inch strip to cover the binding. Attach using glue.
4. Cut a letter out of strips of ribbon; glue to the album.

Birdy Pillow

This little pillow is the perfect accent pillow for a little girl's room.

What You Need
-- 2 sheets of brown felt, 1 sheet of pink felt, 1 sheet of blue felt
-- Batting
-- Contrasting embroidery thread and needle
-- 1 small button (for eye)

Make It: Birdy Pillow

1. Download the template, trace bird, and cut out shapes.
2. Sew together the two pieces of brown felt using a whip-stitch.
3. Stuff with batting for before stitching the last side together.
4. Add the button eye to the bird.
5. Glue the bird to the pillow using felt glue.
6. Straight stitch the pink bird wing onto the pillow.

Simple Flower Brooch

Dress up a plain sweater or bag with this adorable brooch.

What You Need
-- 3 sheets of felt
-- Button
-- A needle and contrasting thread
-- Pin back

Make It: Simple Flower Brooch

1. Download the template, trace and cut the flowers.
2. Sew the button to the top flower.
3. Stack the flowers, then glue together.
4. Attach the pin to the back of the brooch.

Simple Pouch

This custom pouch is perfect for storing small keepsakes.

What You Need
-- 1 sheet of felt
-- Needle and embroidery thread
-- 1 button
-- Ruler

Make It: Simple Pouch

1. Cut a long strip of felt. Ours was 8 inches by 5 inches.
2. Fold up the bottom of the felt 3 inches (leaving 2 inches at the top for the flap).
3. Whip-stitch the sides together.
4. Sew the button in place.
5. Cut a slit for the button to go through.

All background fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection.

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