Kids' Crafts: Start a Book Club

Encourage your kids to start a fun and crafty book club. Check out these easy ideas and projects that will have them hitting the books.

1. Have your kids ask five or six of their friends to join.

2. Distribute a schedule of meeting times.

3. Make sure to provide plenty of snacks for the little ones.

4. During meetings, teach the kids to share what they like best about the book they read.

5. At the end of each meeting, assign someone to choose the next book to read.

Embellish Your Books

Protect hardcover books and create blank canvases for artwork with paper book jackets.

1. Cut kraft paper several inches longer and wider than the book (you can also use a grocery sack).

2. Vertically center the book on the paper then place the book slightly off center horizontally.

3. Fold the paper horizontally and vertically around the book creating pockets for the book to fit in.

4. Once finished, embellish with buttons, ribbons, and rickrack.

A Handy Book Bag

Turn a plain canvas bag into a fun book tote.

1. Stitch ribbon at the top of the bag (or use no-sew hem tape).

2. Trace a flower shape onto kraft paper to make a pattern.

3. Then trace onto fabric and cut out.

4. Adhere the sides of the pocket to the bag with washable fabric glue.

Stay Organized

Little librarians will enjoy having a system to keep track of their books.

1. Print checkout cards from a colored printer then slip them into envelopes.

2. To make the envelope cut a tag shape out of card stock.

3. Cut a piece of vellum to the same width and about half as long.

4. Embellish and secure to the inside of the of the book cover.

A Comfy Project

Even avid readers need to break from the books. Incorporate an easy embellishment project into a meeting to make your club both stylish and comfy.

1. Purchase terry-cloth slippers.

2. Then let kids decorate them with adhesive-back glitter felt appliques and ribbon.

Save Your Spot

Keep track of your page progress with these embellished bookmarks.

1. Cut a tag shape from card stock and punch a hole in the narrow end.

2. Decorate the tag with the theme of your choice.

3. We used stickers and punched paper to embellish these beauties.

Store in Style

Keep book club accessories organized for the next meeting in this handy box. Use an old lunch pail or tool box and paint designs on the outside.

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