Easy Button Crafts for Kids

Use extra buttons to entertain kids with fun and easy projects.

Button Flowers

This cute-as-a-button bouquet is a pretty gift or decoration for your home. Have children stack buttons. Thread floral wire up through one hole in the buttons and down the other hole. Do this for each button stack. Wrap the floral wires around each other to connect the buttons and form the stem.

Button Accent Curtains

Are your kids tired of their plain curtains? Have your kids give them a makeover by attaching bright and fun buttons with fabric glue.

Cute Cat Card

Kids can make purr-fect cards for birthdays with a few buttons and paper scraps. Have them cut basic shapes from paper, such as a circle for the cat's face, triangles for the ears, and a rectangle for the neck. Add button eyes and nose, use gems for a necklace, and draw on a smile. Write a birthday wish.

Editor's Tip: Buttons can work for eyes or noses on any animal, so if your child isn't a cat person, change the animal.

Chalkboard Clipboard

Chalkboard paint turned this clipboard into a message center that's perfect for long car trips or errands. Have your child paint the clipboard and add color with buttons attached with crafts glue.

Creative Curtain Draw

An older child will love designing a creative curtain draw. Have her choose a ribbon. Cut it so it's long enough to wrap about the curtain several times and tie in a bow. Before tying around the curtain, attach buttons to the ribbon using hot glue.

Cute Button Hairclips

Stack buttons or select fabric-covered buttons, then simply use hot glue (with supervision) to attach the buttons to hair clips.

Editor's Tip: Make sure the clip is open when you attach the buttons, and let them dry overnight before use.

Buttoned-Up Sweater

Give a sweater an instant update by sewing on new buttons. Plus, it's a great way to learn how to replace buttons. If your little one isn't old enough to hold a needle, use fabric glue to hold the buttons in place.

Editor's Tip: Choose buttons in the same color palette as existing buttons on the garment but a different size to create a new look.

Button Drawer Pulls

Dress up a standard drawer pull by layering buttons. Have your children choose their favorite buttons in colors that match the decor. Layer buttons on the pull with crafts glue.

Editor's Tip: For a different look, you could also do a button stack and attach the large button to the pull.

Button Artwork

Buttons are the perfect element to make one-of-a-kind artwork. Have your child paint a canvas. Then glue on buttons and paper to create a fun design.

Buttoned Monogram

This two-tone monogram was super simple to make. Have your child choose buttons in two colors. Then cover a wooden letter in one color of buttons using hot glue. Glue the letter in the center of a piece of cardboard wrapped in fabric. Cover the fabric with the second color of buttons.

Editor's Tip: Paint the letter first in the same color as its buttons so the wood doesn't show through.

Button Magnets and Tacks

Stack complementary-color buttons, then attach them to a magnet or thumbtack using glue. It's any easy way for kids to show personality on their bulletin boards and lockers.

Editor's Tip: Make sure you buy strong magnets that will hold the weight of the buttons.

Embellished Jewelry Box

Girls will love jazzing up their jewelry boxes and treasure chests. Glue buttons in a fun shape to the top of the box using crafts glue.

Editor's Tip: Do two layers of buttons to add depth.

Dressed-Up Pillow

A simple pillow can easily transform with a child's imagination--and some buttons and ribbon. Glue ribbon and buttons to the pillow in a creative design.

Editor's Tip: To make the buttons more secure, consider sewing them onto the pillow.

Button Letters

Perfect for an older child to craft, these felt letters make a fun wall hanging. Cut out letters (two of each) from felt. Sew the letters together. Stuff the letters with batting or cotton balls before closing the letter. Embellish by gluing buttons to the letters. Sew ribbon to the back of each letter to hang.

Button Flower Mirror

Turn a plain wood mirror found at a crafts store into a personalized accessory. Have your child paint the frame (make sure to cover the mirror first). Top the frame with a layer of buttons. Fill in empty gaps with smaller buttons for a layered look.

Beachy Button Garb

Your child can give a plain tank top and flip-flops a custom look with a few buttons. Lay out a shape on the tank top, then use fabric glue to adhere the buttons. To attach the buttons to the flip-flops, thread clear thread through the buttons, then tie it to the sandal.

Button Bracelet

By threading elastic through the buttonholes, this bracelet can be made in just a few minutes.

Editor's Tip: To make the bracelet lie flat on your little one's wrist, alternate small and large buttons on the string.

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