Kids' Animal Sock Puppets

Our fun-loving sock puppets inspire hours of imaginative play.

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    Jolly Giraffe Sock Puppet

    This giraffe sticks its neck out in style. A kneesock creates the long neck, and felt forms the trademark spots and mane.

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    Furry Panda Sock Puppet

    Take a safari to the crafts store to pick up some faux black fur for this exotic panda puppet.

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    Tusky the Elephant Sock Puppet

    Kids will love playing the part of the swaggering elephant.

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    Goofy Gator Sock Puppet

    This alligator has a bark worse than its bite. Its seemingly sharp teeth are nothing more than soft white felt.

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    Octopus Puppet

    With no mouth to move, this purple octopus doesn't have much to say. But it's still ready for action, thanks to its eight shapely legs that can be twirled about.

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    Shark Attack Sock Puppet

    There's no need to worry if this shark attacks its ocean buddies. Its soft fins and felt teeth won't do any damage.

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    Famished Frog Sock Puppet

    With a toy fly on its outstretched tongue, this is one happy frog. Cut the arms and bulging eyes from a sock. Stuff the pieces with batting, stitch, and sew to the matching sock. For the mouth, cut the toe off the puppet sock and stitch on a pink felt oval. For the tongue, cut a long strip of bright pink felt, fold in half lengthwise, stitch long edge and one end, insert a pipe cleaner so the tongue curls, and stuff with batting. Sew the tongue closed and attach to the mouth.

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    Little Piggy and Woolly Wonder Sock Puppets

    Little Piggy: Dressed in a tutu and wearing a faux-pearl necklace, this ballerina pig is sure to elicit squeals from young dancers. A big snout gives the piglet puppet her distinguished look. Her pearls are made from pom-poms strung on thread. Woolly Wonder: This soft and cuddly sheep will become a bedtime favorite for kids to curl up with.

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    Charming Chicks Sock Puppets

    Made from baby socks turned inside out, this chirping set of baby chicks is perfectly sized for little fingers. Cut the cuffs off the socks, cut wings from the cuffs, and sew two wings onto the sides of each puppet. The birds have black-bead eyes, orange felt beaks, and feather-boa tufts of hair. For legs, poke orange pipe cleaners through the socks and bend to hold in place.

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