Creepy Crawlers

These finger puppets are a cinch to make! All you need are some pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and your very own fingers.

What You Need:

Make these Creepy Crawlers for all your friends.
  • Pipe cleaners in assorted colors
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Thick white crafts glue
  • Pencil (optional)
  • Small pom-poms, sequins, and costume jewels (optional)


1. Choose the color of creepy crawler you want to make. Make the loop for your finger first by starting in the middle of the pipe cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger and twist it to stay in place. To make the eyes, loop the pipe cleaner around your finger again about 1 inch from the first loop and twist in place; repeat for the other eye.

2. Glue the wiggly eyes to the eye holes with thick white craft glue.

3. Bend and twist the pipe cleaners to make each creepy crawler different. Try these ideas: To make corkscrew hair, wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil and pull it off the end. To make big ears, make long loops and glue the ends behind each eye.

Tip: Glue on small pom-poms or jewels to dress up your fun bugs.


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