Crafty Projects for the Coolest School Locker

Help your kids spruce up their lockers with these simple projects.

Make Your Locker the Best

Take your locker from drab to fab with these 5 easy projects.

Funky Magnets

1. Trace clear stones, found at a crafts store, onto decorative paper or fabric.

2. Cut out the circles.

3. Glue each circle to its matching stone using crafts glue, with the patterned side facing the stone.

4. When dry, adhere a magnet to the back of the stone.

Pretty Clothespins

1. Cut pieces of patterned paper to fit on spring-type clothespins.

2. Seal the paper in place with decoupage medium.

3. Adhere a magnet to the back of each clothespin.

Recycled Bottle Cap Magnets

1. Find vintage bottle caps at flea markets or thrift shops or use ones from your favorite beverages.

2. Hot-glue a small magnet, available at crafts stores, inside.

Cool Memo Board

1. Find a used cookie sheet or magnetic bulletin board.

2. Spray-paint it a fun color.

3. Cut decorative paper to fit the sheet or board; attach with spray adhesive.

4. Decorate with ribbon or rickrack glued in place.

5. Hang with ribbon or adhere magnets to the back.

Painted Graphic Artwork

1. Attach magnets to rectangular wood bases, found at a crafts store, using crafts glue.

2. Paint a fun design on the wood. Or stamp an image using paint.

School Supply Holders

1. Wrap metal containers in pretty paper; tape or glue paper in place.

2. Glue extra-strong neodymium magnets to the back.

Spruce Up a Mirror

1. Trace three circles on felt (two on purple, one on lime).

2. Cut out using decorative-edge scissors.

3. Press a flower sticker into the center of each circle.

4. Use foam glue to stick the circles to the mirror frame.

5. Glue flower jewels in the centers.

6. Let glue dry.

Customized Picture Frame

1. Paint four crafts sticks yellow and four blue.

2. Place the yellow sticks in a square shape, crossing them as shown in photo, right; glue in place.

3. Repeat for the blue sticks.

4. Decorate the frames with stickers.

5. For a top hanging wire, cut a 26-inch piece of purple wire. Make a coil at each end. Bend wire to form an upside-down U. Bend the wire around the frame.

6. For side hanging wires, cut copper wire into two 13-inch pieces.

7. Coil each end.

8. Tape photos in place. Hang from a magnetic clip.

Make a Flower Clip

1. Draw a pattern of a flower on pink foam.

2. Cut out the shape.

3. Affix beaded trim across the bottom of the shape using double-sided tape.

4. Press a lime felt flower onto the pink foam shape.

5. Decorate the lime flower, including a jewel in the center.

6. Glue assembled flower to lime flower.

7. Glue finished flower to a 1-3/4-inch silver magnetic clip.

Add a Little Fringe

1. Purchase trims and magnetic tape to fit the width of your locker: We used 3-inch pink beaded trim and 1-1/2-inch purple beaded trim.

2. Tape the beaded trims together using double-sided tape.

3. Trim the ends even. Peel away the paper from the magnetic tape.

4. Press the trim onto the adhesive side of the magnetic tape.

Craft Custom Signs

1. Trace a large oval onto adhesive-backed vinyl. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out the shape.

2. Cut a slightly smaller oval from a complementary color of foam using decorative-edge scissors.

3. Glue the smaller oval to the larger.

4. Cut out a foam flower and decorate it as desired.

5. Use black alphabet stickers to add a message to the sign.

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