Top Beach Crafts

Keep those fun-in-the-sun memories alive with creative beach projects.

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    Seaside Dreams

    You may not find the most unusually shaped or colored seashells on a typical beach walk; their visual interest make them worth seeking out. Crafts and hobby stores carry these shells. Buy just a few of the most pleasing ones and fill in the rest of the frame with simpler shells collected during a beach trip.

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    In-the-Swim Beach Pail

    This bright beach pail carries your gear to the shore and then holds found treasures to carry back home.

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    Scoopers and Dumpers

    Make homemade sand scoopers from recycled soda bottles for your child's next trip to the beach.

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    Fun Sun Visors

    Make a cute shade in a sea shape to cool your head on a sunny day.

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    Beach in a Jar

    Fill a jar with sand and shells from the beach you visited.

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    Seashell Medley

    Bring the ambience of glistening surf and sun-drenched sand indoors by using seashells as candleholders.

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    Sand Candles

    The twisted wire makes strong hangers for these candles nestled in colored sand.

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    Seaside Stationery

    Enjoy the sights of the sea when writing to family and friends.

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    Seaside Mirror

    The cool sparkle of a mirror is a natural complement to the gentle colors and shapes of common shells. When the shells are layered, they bring to mind buckets gathered on a warm summer day.

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