A Girl's Secret Journal

Made with felt and a store-bought notebook, this flowery gem looks like a journal -- until you open the cover! Hide your tiny treasures and notes inside.
By day, it's an ordinary little journal.

Don't judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to this pretty little "journal." It looks so innocent sitting on a desk or bureau. But keep reading for a look at the secret within, and for instructions on making one yourself.

What You Need:

But at night, it turns into a secret cache.
  • Ruler
  • 6-inch-square spiral notebook; crafts knife
  • 3/16-inch-wide green ribbon
  • Scrapbook paper: magenta with white dots
  • Thick white crafts glue
  • 1/2 yard of 3/8-inch-wide magenta satin ribbon
  • Scissors; pinking shears
  • Adhesive-backed felt: light blue and magenta
  • Paper daisies (available at scrapbook stores)


  1. On the first page, center and draw a 4-inch square. Ask an adult to cut out this square through all notebook pages using a ruler and a crafts knife. Tie green ribbon into bows around the cut layers at the top, side, and bottom.
  2. Cut and glue scrapbook paper to fit inside the back cover. Glue last page of tied pages to the back cover.
  3. Cut magenta ribbon in half for ties; glue in place.
  4. With pinking shears, cut a square of blue felt and a smaller square of magenta felt; press to cover. Make flowers from circles of blue felt and scrapbook paper with ribbon stems; add to cover. Add daisy centers.


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