15 Outdoor Summer Crafts for Kids

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Keep kids busy with these easy summer outdoor crafts. Try creative ideas for the garden, from the garden, and more.

Build-Your-Own Boat Races

Make the most of your summer pool days—host a DIY boat race! Cut pool noodles into several 13-inch sections with angled ends; make a boat by attaching two or three noodle pieces together and securing with electrical tape. Add a wooden skewer with a triangle of washi tape to form the mast and sail, then pop the boats in the water to prepare for the race! Line up each child with their boat, and see which boat makes it the farthest.

DIY Sidewalk Paint

Help your kids make washable sidewalk paint with just a few ingredients from the kitchen! Mix cornstarch, water, and food coloring for a paint set that will create hours of summer fun. Set the kids loose on the driveway or neighborhood sidewalks with a tin of paints and inexpensive paint brushes. Plus, cleanup is easy! Simply wash the paint away with the garden hose—after admiring your mini Picassos' creations, of course!

DIY Pool Art

Making art is a great way to get the kids involved in a creative project, but making it inside can be messy! Take the art projects outside this summer with our DIY pool hack. Place a large sheet of poster paper in the bottom of a plastic kid's pool, then let each little artist dip plastic balls into tempera paint and drop them in the pool on top of the paper. Have the child swirl the plastic pool around to create their own colorful design, then let the art dry in the sun while the kids wash off with the hose. 

DIY Bubble Wands

This budget-friendly summer craft will keep the kids entertained for days. Help the kids straighten out wire hangers, then form a shape at one end to make a homemade bubble wand. Stars, hearts, squares—the possibilities are endless! Once the kids have created their DIY bubble wands, fill shallow baking dishes with bubble solution (or water mixed with dish soap) and start blowing bubbles.

DIY Ice Pop Sidewalk Chalk

Did you know you can make your own chalk? Keep the kids entertained all day with this two-part project. First, have them help make the chalk; the recipe is simple, and it's easy to pour the brightly colored mixtures into silicone ice pop molds. When the chalk molds are ready (allow 3 to 4 hours for the chalk pops to dry completely), let the kids decorate the driveway and sidewalks with their chalk creations.

Make and Decorate a Colorful Kite

Easy to make and a blast to decorate, these kites are for fun in the sun.

Cute Bug Catcher

Craft this cute bug catcher to corral summer bugs or other creepy crawlers so you can give them a closer look.

Neighborhood Kids' Paint Party

After it's finished find the perfect place to show off this fence section in your garden or yard.

Kids' Creative Stepping-Stone

Remember a special vacation with a cool stepping-stone for your garden.

Kids' Garden Banner

Easily create and personalize this cheerful sign to decorate your garden.

Handprint Garden Plaque

Easily create and personalize this colorful plaque to hang on your garden gate.

Puppets from the Garden

Buzz through the garden with these cute crafted creatures.

Fun to Paint Garden Rocks

Dress up ordinary rocks with simple paint, then arrange them in your garden or on the patio.

Kids' Garden Plant Markers

Make these cute bug friends to embellish your flowerpots and mark garden rows.

Kids' Summer Sunglasses

Make ordinary sunglasses "sun-sational" by dotting and dashing paint onto the rims.

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