Nature Crafts

Capture nature with crafts made to create memories of the summer.

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    Creepy Crawly Bug Box

    Capture critters in a take-out-box home of their own!

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    Butterfly Mobile

    Bring summer indoors by decorating your room with a mobile of floating butterflies.

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    Chirping Cricket

    Kids will have a leapin' good time making their crickets chirp.

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    Bendable Bead Worms

    Take-along pals fit easily into your pocket or purse and are ready to play at a moment's notice.

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    Turtle Racers

    These tissue-paper turtles provide hours of competitive fun in the sun.

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    Pet Necklace

    Keep a close reminder of your furry family member by making a necklace with the features of your adorable pet.

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    Green Slime

    There's nothing more fun than playing with goo; here, you can make your own slimy green gunge.

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