Did you know you could make your own sidewalk chalk?

By BH&G Crafts Editors and Alice and Lois
Updated March 26, 2020
ice pop sidewalk chalk four assorted chalk circles pavement

The kids are going to love this special “treat” this summer. But these ice pops aren't for eating, they are for art! These ice pop sidewalk chalks are perfect as party favors, for any time the family is outside enjoying the weather, or as part of a fun outdoor game for kids. We'll show you how to make DIY sidewalk chalk using ice pop molds. Plus, the crafts stick handles mean fewer messy, dusty handprints. Once the kids have gone through the first chalks, just whip up another batch of our best sidewalk chalk! They'll love creating sidewalk chalk art with our easy recipe that you can customize with any color you like.

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ice pop sidewalk chalk adding plaster of paris to cups
Step 1


Each ice pop color will be made in a different cup, but each color will use the same measurements. Start with 1/3-cup of cold water. Add in a few drops of food coloring and stir. The more food coloring, the darker the pigment the chalk will have. Next, add 2/3 cup plaster of Paris and carefully stir it into the colored water.

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ice pop sidewalk chalk dry chalk in orange mold
Step 2


Before the mixture has a chance to dry, pour each color into one of the silicone molds.  Some ice pop molds require you to place the crafts stick in the mold before you pour your mixture. If the mold does not, slide the crafts stick into the wet mixture after it is poured. Allow the sidewalk chalks to set for at least one hour in the mold. Using a silicone mold means that the chalk should come out easily. Plastic molds would stick to the plaster mixture. Allow the homemade sidewalk chalk to fully dry (about 3–4 hours) before using it. 

ice pop sidewalk chalk five assorted scattered on pavement
Step 3


Once you've mastered the basic recipe, try customizing your homemade sidewalk chalk with fun color combinations. Try swirling two together or layering them in your molds. This easy craft for kids also makes a fun summer party favor or gift. Package them up in clear containers and add a tag with the recipe. You'll never run out of sidewalk chalk again with this easy DIY sidewalk chalk recipe.


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