Butter slime is the newest slime recipe you didn't know you needed to make. It's less sticky than other kinds of homemade slime, which makes it a perfect craft for kids! Read on to get our full tutorial—and the secret ingredient!

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Butter slime might be less ooey gooey than other kinds of slime, but we promise it's just as fun! To make it, whip up a batch of slime and then add a block of soft clay. You'll be amazed at how smooth and soft the texture of this slime is! 

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 30 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

butter slime mixing ingredients spoon glass bowl
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Step 1

Mix up the slime

To make butter slime, you'll need a plain slime base. Add 1 cup white crafts glue to a mixing bowl and slowly add in 4-5 tablespoons liquid starch. Stir them together until the mixture gets clumpy; the ideal texture is a slimelike mixture that sticks together well enough that you can pick it up with your hands. If necessary, add more starch in half-tablespoon increments to reach the ideal texture. Once you're able to pick up the combination with your hands, stir in one or two drops of food coloring until the color is completely incorporated.

butter slime adding block of material pink
butter slime stirring in chunks by hand pink glass bowl
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Step 2

Create a buttery texture

When the plain slime is ready, slowly add pieces of soft clay to the bowl. We found that it was easiest to break up the block into smaller clumps and add them to the bowl a few at a time; use a spoon to mix in the first several clumps, then pick up the mixture and knead in the rest of the clay. Knead the clay into the slime mixture until it is no longer sticky; keep adding more clay until you've reached the perfect consistency. When your slime is smooth and soft instead of gooey and sticky, the butter slime is ready to play with!


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