Easy & Inexpensive Father’s Day Ideas

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Create easy Father's Day gifts he'll love and make lasting memories with low-cost family activities.


If it isn't already a father-child rite of passage, it should be: brunch at the diner or local greasy spoon. Hop up on stools and order bacon and eggs, burgers, grilled cheese, or milk shakes, and make a comfort food connection. (And, yes, it works at a table or a booth, too!)

Write Your Favorite Memories

What are your children's favorite experiences with Dad since last Father's Day? Ask them to put their thoughts on paper in whatever form they're currently capable of. Could be a picture from your 8-year-old of last summer's backyard campout. Could be a letter from your teen describing how grateful she is for a father who manages to care about whom she dates, without giving the kid the third degree. Put yours down, too, and everyone can read them aloud to him.

Create Coupons

Enlist the kids to create coupons or a coupon book for Dad, with favors or chores each will do for him at a time of his choosing (presuming that time doesn't conflict with swim team practice). They can wash his car, make lunch for him, take his turn walking the dog, organize all the ties he got for past Father's Days...Create your own version of a coupon book, using cardstock and a hole punch; tie together with ribbon or a metal ring. Download our free coupon template to get started.

Learn How to Juggle

Wait, what? You say you and your kids can’t juggle? Clearly that’s a skill every kid should have. (Every parent, too!) Master it together. Juggle Fit has easy-to-follow videos to get you going. (Tip: Start with three scarves; they have more “hang time.”) Or just search “how to juggle” on YouTube.

Spa Day

Dads like to be pampered, too. Create an at-home spa experience: Remove all mom and kid stuff from the bathroom. Stock it with a fluffy robe and towels, a book or magazines, and an iPod with a playlist of his favorite tunes, then run Dad a bath. Bubbles are optional, but steam is a must. Tuck a gift certificate to a local spa, fitness center, or old-fashioned shave joint into his robe pocket.

Plan a Roast

Plan a "roast" for Dad. Especially appealing in a household with eye-rolling tweens and teens. ("My dad? He remembers when they invented dirt!")

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