DIY Family Trees

A perfect Mother's Day gift, here's a modern twist on the family tree. Bring your band together with these simple crafts (and one crafty product).

Butterfly Family Tree

Give wing to this unconventional take on the family tree using colored paper, matte board, and a butterfly punch.

Design layout on a separate sheet, assigning colors to generations. Punch two butterflies per family member. In gold pen, write family member names on top cutout; fold each wing so only the body lies flat (above).

Glue each pair of cutouts together using crafts glue or rubber cement. Place butterflies on matte board and mark positions lightly with pencil. Glue butterflies to board.

Instagram Photo Cube

Your family fits together perfectly in this fresh DIY interpretation of the photo cube. Order 4×4-inch prints of Instagram photos from Printstagram.

Make a template card, using a crafts knife to cut a half-inch slit along center of each edge. Glue images to cardstock squares with rubber cement or Mod Podge. When dry, use template to cut slits in cards and assemble.

Letter Photo Collage

Think outside the frame: Let your family initial tie together favorite photos. Spray-paint a papiermâché letter from a crafts store. Lay pictures in desired order on top of letter, cutting to fit.

To assemble, place pictures to the side in letter shape. Brush top of letter with Mod Podge, then place pictures. When finished, apply layer of Mod Podge over pictures only, being careful not to get it on painted part of letter.


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