Looking for a little something fresh to add to your game night repertoire? Make yourself a modern version of this classic wooden peg jump game! This updated design features modern geometric shapes and any colors you can imagine. It's the perfect project to dust off your woodworking skills. Play by yourself, or challenge your friends to a tournament. Game on!

Wooden peg jump game

This DIY wooden peg game is perfect for playing alone or with friend and it's one of our favorite handmade gift ideas. The key is to jump all the pegs over each other until only one is left. Customize your game even more by painting on a monogram or name in the corner.

What You'll Need:

  • 3/4-inch-thick wood board
  • 1/4-inch wood dowel
  • miter saw
  • drill with 1/4-inch drill bit
  • small foam paintbrushes
  • craft paint
  • sandpaper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • masking tape

Step 1

Pencil with wooden triangle

Cut the wood board into an equilateral triangle with 5-1/2-inch sides. Mark dots with a pencil where your holes will be, using the ruler to measure equidistant holes. There should be 15 holes total, placed in a pyramid with 5 holes on the bottom row, 4 on the next, and so on.

Step 2

Saw with wooden dowel

Use the saw to cut the dowel into 14 pieces, each 1-1/4 inches long. Sand any rough edges.

Step 3

Drill with masking tape guide

Place a piece of masking tape around your drill bit as a guide. Place it so that 1/2 inch of the bit is exposed. Use this to drill holes where you made your pencil marks in the triangular wood. Stop once the drill reaches the depth of the masking tape. Sand any rough edges.

Step 4

Painting a wooden peg jump game

Paint the top of the board and pegs using a variety of your favorite colors! Add additional coats as needed for full coverage.

How to Play


Get playing! The goal of the peg game is to jump the pegs until you only have one remaining on the board. Once you've mastered the game, try playing against a friend in a timed competition.


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