Who has some traveling to do this summer? Keep yourself and your whole gang entertained with a few rounds of Chinese checkers! But this isn't an ordinary board game—it's one you can make in a snap and take on the go. This travel Chinese checkers set is pocket size and magnetic, so you can play it anywhere. Let's go!

Travel Chinese Checkers game

Keep the kids (and adults!) entertained on-the-go with this traveling Chinese checkers game. Magnetic paper is the secret and so easy to work with! Simply print, paint, and play. It's that easy! 

What You'll Need

  • printable magnetic paper
  • 1/4" wooden balls
  • 1/5" flat magnets
  • E6000 adhesive
  • crafts paint in six different colors
  • paintbrush
  • printer
  • scissors
  • thin cotton rope or twine
  • small drawstring bag

Step 1

Magnets and wooden balls on magnetic paper

Line up six rows of 10 magnets each on a sheet of magnetic paper. Add a dab of adhesive to each magnet, and press a wooden ball into the adhesive to adhere one ball to each magnet.

Step 2

Painting wooden balls with craft paint

Once the glue has dried, paint the wooden balls. Choose six different shades of paint. You'll need 10 balls of each color. Use a small paintbrush to paint a circle of color on the top of each ball. Once painted, allow wooden balls to dry completely.

Step 3

Travel Chinese Checkers printable game

Download and print our free Travel Chinese Checkers game template onto the magnetic printable paper.


Step 4

Travel Chinese Checkers game with scissors

Use scissors to cut away the excess magnetic paper. Cut along the printed hexagonal line.

Step 5

Rolled up game board

If desired, cut a small piece of rope or twine to roll and tie the game board. For travel, you can store this in a small drawstring bag, along with all of the wooden game pieces.

Step 6

Hand playing Chinese Checkers

Place game pieces on the board and start playing! You can play on a flat surface, or if you're on the go you can place your board on any metal surface and play anywhere.


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