Grab that noodle from the pool and use it to create this adorable donut art. The best part is, you can make this easy DIY with materials found at the dollar store!

By Sarah Martens
Updated July 14, 2021
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As the weather heats up, hit the dollar store and plan a fun summer activity for the kids (or your grown-up friends!). This summer craft is perfect for young children, inexpensive, and oh-so-cute! Sliced pool noodle rounds create a clever stamp—simply dip them into acrylic paint and gently press them on watercolor paper. Use a paint pen to add "sprinkles" to the donut-shape circles. The more, the better!

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Trim pool noodle

You only need one pool noodle for this craft, but you will need to cut in into manageable pieces. If you're making this project with children, have an adult cut the pool noodles into stamps. To cut the noodle safely, we recommend using a miter box or clamp to secure the foam before cutting.  Gently use a handsaw to cut sections of noodle that measure about 3 inches thick. Cut one noodle piece for every paint color you want to use; we created a pattern of four different colored donuts. Brush the edges of the stamps to remove any excess pool noodle material. If you have leftover pool noodles from this project, try making a pool noodle wreath

Step 2

Stamp donut shapes

To create your donut artwork, lay down a piece of watercolor paper. Your artwork can be any size; just be sure to choose a size that will fit in the picture frame you want to use. When you're ready to add the donuts, squirt different colors of acrylic paint onto disposable plates. Dip a noodle piece into the paint, making sure the entire circular surface is covered and firmly press the noodle onto the paper to transfer the donut shape.

If you want a perfectly symmetrical piece of art, use a ruler to determine the placement of each donut. If the stamped donuts have too much texture, use a flat paintbrush to smooth the surface of the paint; this will make it easier to add details later! Keep stamping donuts until the paper is covered, then let dry. 

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framed artwork pool noodle paint donuts sprinkles markers
Step 3

Add sprinkles

Once the donut shapes have dried completely, use paint pens to add "sprinkles" and other designs. Let this layer dry completely, then frame your artwork and hang it up. These printed donuts would look so cute in a dining room or over a breakfast nook—or turn this into a fun art piece for a girl's bedroom!


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