DIY Wire-Basket Coffee Table

This DIY marble-look table instantly gives any style living room—modern, farmhouse, contemporary, or traditional—a chic vibe. Use the wire-basket table as an end table, side table, or coffee table. 
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Photography by Nicole Quiroz
Photography by Nicole Quiroz

Are you redecorating a room but can't seem to find the right table to complete your design? You will not believe how wildly easy this lightweight DIY table is to make. It's so simple that older children can lend a helping hand. All you need is marble contact paper, a wire basket, and a wood tabletop to complete the design.

A simple wire basket takes your table from being just functionally convenient to super stylish and eye-catching. And the best part? You can tell your friends you made this for under $20. There's no guarantee they will believe you though! For added style, dress up the wire basket table with your favorite flowers, tabletop books, candles, or treats. A vase full of light pink peonies will look stunning gently set on top of the light gray marble. 

  • Working Time 45 Minutes
  • Start to Finish 2 Hours
  • Difficulty         Select Projects Easy

What you need


  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • Copper basket
  • Cap glue
  • Round wood tabletop
  • Marble contact paper

How to do it

Step 1 Prepare Your Tabletop

Project Supplies

Place a round wood tabletop on contact paper as a template; trace around the circle. Cut out the circle, plus enough to fold under the wood top. (Or paint the tabletop edge.)

Step 2 Apply the Paper

Apply the Paper Image

Peel the backing off the contact paper and place the sticky side down onto the tabletop. Smooth the paper to ensure there are no air bubbles. 

Step 3 Attach the Basket

Step 3 Image

Place the bottom of basket on the underside of the tabletop. Trace around edge of basket; remove basket. Put a line of glue just inside the traced line; replace basket. You might want to weigh it down for a firm bond. Let dry.

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