Prep for summer entertaining with a tray that's ready to serve up some drinks!
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Get ready for summer entertaining with this darling DIY project. Start with an affordable wooden tray, and upgrade it with handmade stencils made of butcher paper in the shapes of citrus. Pull out the yellow and orange paint!

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  • Involves Painting, Drawing

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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Base layer

Start with an affordable, plain wooden tray. They are easy to find online or at a national retailer that sells home decor and accessories. Use a wide brush to paint the bottom of the tray white. Bright white is a classic summer hue. Plus, it is easy to coordinate with the rest of your summer decor. By painting just the bottom, there is earthy contrast from the wood left uncovered. Allow the paint to dry.

drawing fruit shape on paper for stencil
Step 2


Draw the outlines of an orange and a lemon onto two separate squares of butcher paper. The oranges are just circles. The easiest way to draw a lemon is as an elongated oval. Do a few practice lemons on a piece of paper before drawing the shape onto your butcher paper. Cut the center out of the each shape to turn each square into an individual stencil.

using stencil to paint lemon on tray
painting leaves on lemons on tray
Step 3


Make sure the white base layer is completely dry, then tape the stencil onto the tray. Use a foam brush to paint the shape. The best way to paint a good fruit is to sponge the paint on with the foam brush. Remove the stencil carefully, then tape the stencil to the next stenciling area on the wooden tray. Once the orange and lemon shapes are dry, hand-paint leaves and stems onto them using a small brush. The stem is just a line, and the leaf is a thin oval or the same shape (just smaller!) as the lemons.

By Alice and Lois

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    April 30, 2020
    Difficulty: Kind of Easy
    Wouldn't the tray do better with some sort of sealing? Waterproof, perhaps? What product would you suggest?

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