5 Easy Crafts To Try If You're Looking For A New Hobby

Find a new hobby to love with these five easy DIY trends of 2017.
A Pumpkin and a Princess

We love the dawning of a new year. It always leaves us feeling re-energized and ready to boast some major accomplishments. It also seems to come with an influx of creativity. All of a sudden, we want to write, explore -- do everything! You, too? We found five great ideas for what to do with this "new year, new energy" feeling. What's best? They're all easy, cheap, and very relaxing! Get started now with these five new hobbies:

1. Homemade Aromatic Soaps

A Pumpkin and a Princess

Delightfully smelling soap is one of our favorite small indulgences. So, we thought, why not become experts in DIYing our favorite aromatic soaps this year? It benefits you and your home, but we're already imagining the cute gifts we can give too! Who knows, maybe you'll become so good at it, you'll discover a side hustle that you didn't even realize was a possibility. We recommend starting with this lemon soap recipe from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Who can turn down that clean scent? And swap the lemon out for any of your favorite scents. We're loving lavender everything this year too.

Learn how to make your own soap from Pumpkin and a Princess.

2. Become a Master at Journaling

Swan Waters

Journaling sounds so simple, right? You may be in the same boat as us -- journaling was always something we meant to do, but never quite seemed to get around to accomplishing. But something clicked as the new year rolled around, and we began to spend a small amount of time a day (probably just 10 minutes at first!) jotting down our thoughts, feelings, accomplishments, and/or worries from the day. It immediately made a difference. We were calmer once all our thoughts had been written down, we learned to celebrate our successes, and grew to enjoy the daily ritual. Want to do the same? Start with this primer from Swan Waters. It's what set us on our journal-loving path.

Start journaling today with this primer from Swan Waters.

3. Indulge Yourself With Homemade Body Scrubs (That Will Make You Feel Like You're on Vacation)

Happiness is Homemade

We could all use a great body scrub to add into our new year shower routine. Body scrubs slough off rough patches of dry skin in the winter and keep our skin looking dewy and fresh in the summer! One thing we noticed in 2016 was that our bath products started to add up financially. So, with this new burst of creative energy we're feeling, we decided to figure out how to make our own DIY body scrub, starting with this great pina colada sugar scrub recipe from Happiness is Homemade! Bonus? Now we know exactly what ingredients we're putting on our skin and this pina colada sugar scrub makes us feel like we're on vacation all year long. Win-win.

Check out body scrub recipes at Happiness is Homemade.

4. Become a Pro at DIY Floral Arrangements

We all have that one friend who has a beautifully crafted centerpiece, or a gorgeous bouquet on her side table that makes you gasp when she tells you that she arranged the whole thing herself. In 2017, this could be you! We're thinking of taking a flower arranging class or workshop so that we can learn to work with beautiful stems ourselves. But there's also enough on the Internet that we can become self-taught flower pros.

Check out these 10 flower arranging tips and become a pro today.

5. Craft Your Own Bling

Honestly WTF

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of wearing a cute accessory, and that satisfaction is heightened when it's an accessory that you made yourself! It's easier than ever to find tutorials, materials, and even design patterns online. So, if you're someone that is a serious fan of good bling, maybe 2017 is the year you do it yourself! We love this tutorial from macrame bracelets from Honestly WTF. That's probably where we'll start!

Check out how to DIY your own jewelry today.


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