12 Gorgeous DIY Dream Catchers That Will Bring Your Design Dreams to Life

You can use common household items to create these amazing DIY dream catchers. Sweet dreams!

The dream catcher is a traditional art form with ties to several Native American tribes. As legend has it, the dream catcher is hung above the bed to tangle up bad dreams in the middle of the night—making them disappear at first light. These ancient items are making their way back into modern bedrooms once again and can be made from many simple household items you already own. From delicate crochet to glitter-dipped feathers, we've rounded up 12 gorgeous DIY dream catchers to keep your dreams sweet and your bedrooms chic. Because let's face it, we could all use a good night's sleep!

1. Rethink Doilies with Crocheted Dream Catchers

Bella Mumma

Even if you didn't inherit beautiful crocheted doilies from your grandmother, these lovely laces can be found at your local thrift shop and turned into delicate dream catchers. Check out this tutorial from Bella Mumma to create your very own crocheted dream catcher!

2. Modern Minimalist Dream Catchers

UO Blog

Go sleek and modern with this minimalist dream catcher to blend in with your existing decor. We're loving this woven dream catcher from Urban Outfitters' Blog. Check out this tutorial from Urban Outfitters to learn how to make your very own contemporary woven dream catcher to hang above your bed!

3. Try Out Different Shapes

Free People

Think outside the circle, and don't be afraid to experiment with different shapes for your dream catcher. Triangles symbolize everything from harmony and creativity to magic and illumination. Depending on the dreams you're hoping to fulfill, this triangular DIY tutorial from Free People could be just the dream catcher you're looking for!

4. Dream in Living Color

Art Bar

A dream catcher can keep the darkness away and ensure the brightest look when crafted from cheery colors. Include your kids (or at least their craft items!) to create bold and playful neon dream catchers by following this tutorial from Art Bar Blog.

5. Hoot Hoot: Channel Your Inner Owl

The Whoot

Create a wise owl to watch over you during your slumber with this animal-inspired dream catcher. Check out this owl dream catcher tutorial from The Whoot. Wake up refreshed, and perhaps even a wee bit wiser.

6. Adjust Your Dream Catcher to Fit Your Personal Style

Some Kind of Lovely Ride

Traditional dream catchers may not blend right into your home decor, and that's OK. You can easily adjust your dream catcher to fit your style. Check out this awesome tutorial from Some Kind of Lovely Ride to try something on the simpler side.

7. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

May Arts Ribbon

You might not associate lace and flowers with dream catchers, but this tutorial from May Arts Ribbons will convince you otherwise! This gorgeous DIY dream catcher will help you channel your inner shabby chic and highlight your sweetest dreams.

8. Make an All-Natural Dream Catcher


Natural materials like hemp, seeds, feathers, and wood give your dream catcher a natural feel. We guarantee this DIY dream catcher will ground your bedroom and make it feel homey. Check out this beautiful crescent moon dream catcher tutorial by Maptote, and create your very own today!

9. Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams with Eclectic Dream Catchers

The Twisted Horn

Don't be scared to get creative, bold, and daring with your dream catcher. In this tutorial from The Twisted Horn, you can learn to take eclectic and sophisticated materials and turn them into an art piece that happens to snag the darkest of dreams.

10. Dream Catcher Decor

Yes, I Did It Myself

Who says dream catchers can't be multifunctional? Use this tutorial from Yes, I Did It Myself to create your very own dream catcher lampshade and nightlight. This one is sure to stave off nightmares and leave you with a peaceful night's rest.

11. DIY Dream Catcher Jewelry

Fab Art DIY

Carry your biggest dreams with you around your neck or in your pocket. Create tiny pieces of dream catcher jewelry using this DIY tutorial from Fab Art DIY. These are great for gifts, too!

12. Gilded Feathers for Winged Slumber

Bridal Musings

So many gorgeous, modern dream catchers have gold-dipped and glittered feathers attached. Why buy them when you can make them? Check out this super simple tutorial to create your own glittered feathers on Bridal Musings.


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