This beautiful felt flower is so easy to make! With our free pattern and clever technique, you'll have a dozen red roses in no time.


This might be the easiest felt flower DIY ever! All you need is a felt circle and a few dabs of glue. Plus, we'll show you an easy technique for getting the perfect petals. Make an assortment of roses in different sizes and colors to add to a fabric craft or attach to a pretty fall home decor piece. 

What You'll Need

  • [button-pdf id="547657" title="Downloadable pattern" /]
  • Felt 
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Cut felt

Start by cutting the pattern's large circle shape out of felt, and then cut a curved wavy spiral. Start from the outside and cut toward the middle, curving the cut line but keeping the line relatively the same width the entire way through.

Step 2: Roll the felt

Starting from the outside of the spiral, wrap the felt into a tight spiral. Add glue when necessary to keep the spiraled felt in place as you're wrapping. Continue until you're almost to the end of the spiral.

Step 3: Secure the base

To finish the rose, wrap the very end of the spiral underneath the rolled flower. This creates a base and hides the end of the spiral, leaving a pretty leaf pattern all the way around the flower's edges -- plus, no glue will be visible! The base is also a good place to add hot glue when you're securing the felt roses to another project!

Felt Flower Wreath

Once you've created a few roses, try making this gorgeous felt flower wreath. To make, simply glue the flowers and a couple sprigs of faux greenery to a gold macrame hoop. We like the look of three colorful flowers clustered together. 

Comments (1)

September 30, 2019
Better Homes & Gardens has been my favorite website for crafts and quilts for years. Today I was enamored with your Felt Flower Pumpkin. The rose in particular is lovely but there is a problem with its PDF pattern. This [button-pdf id="547657" title="Downloadable pattern" /] gibberish is not a link. The Beaded Felt Flower has the same problem. Would you please fix the links to both patterns? Thank you! MaryM in upstate NY