Whether you use them as fun and fuzzy gift toppers or as an element of another DIY craft, felt mums are quick and easy to make. Start with felt strips, then hand-stitch, snip, and roll. Handmade gift toppers add a personalized touch under the tree or on the gift table, especially because these felt mums can be made in any color and in any size.

December 06, 2017
wrapped gifts with diy felt bows

Once you get into the flow of creating these fun mums, it's easy to just keep going. In addition to topping gifts, they can also be strung into garlands or incorporated into other DIY projects. No one has to know how simple these seemingly intricate mums are. In fact, after shopping for the felt, you probably have all the other supplies around the house. Perfect!

What You'll Need:

  • 8x10-inch pieces of felt
  • 12-gauge needle
  • Thread
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

Step 1: Strips

sewing felt with needle and thread

Start with 8x10-inch pieces of felt. The number of pieces of felt determines how many mums you will create. Go for fun colors, or colors that are part of a theme. Cut each piece of felt into 10-inch strips. Each strip should be wide enough to fold in half.

Step 2: Stitch and snip

cutting strips in felt bow craft

Fold each 10-inch strip in half lengthwise. Hand-stitch along the long edge so the strip remains folded in half. (We used a simple straight stitch.) To make the mum petals, make cuts 1/4 inch apart all the way down the strip. Be careful to not cut through the stitching.

Step 3: Roll

sewing felt bow

Once the cuts are made the entire length of the strip, roll the strip into a tight coil. Add a stitch to keep the roll in place. To hide the coil for a more polished effect, cut out a circle of felt the same size as the coil. Use a few dabs of hot glue to attach the circle to the bottom of the mum, covering the coil.

turquoise felt bow

Three steps later, and you are ready to change your gift-giving game. Pro tip: Make your felt mums in varying sizes for to change up the look of your packages. Or try creating petals of different sizes by making your snips farther apart or closer together.


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