Need a dose of crafting cuteness? These fuzzy little peas in a pod are just what the doctor ordered!

By Katie Leporte

These adorable felt peas are the perfect quick and easy gift. Once you've mastered the technique, try making a whole patch of veggies. We'll show you how to create each pea with a simple needle-felting technique.    Try making an adorable felt pear!

What You'll Need:

  • 36- or 38-gauge felting needle
  • Green wool roving
  • Pink wool roving
  • Black wool roving
  • Green flat felt
  • Sewing needle
  • Green thread
  • Black toy eyes
  • Super glue

Step 1: Make the Peas

Pull about a 5-inch section of green felt, roll, and poke with felting needle. A 36- or 38-gauge felting needle is a good, all purpose needle. Create 3 ball shapes all about 1-inch in diameter. Cover and smooth joining areas with a wispy, light layer of roving. Continue poking the roving until the balls are smooth and rounded.

Step 2: Add Friendly Faces

On each pea, make two channels for the black glass eyes to go into. Super glue in so they are secure. Roll a small amount of black wool roving to create a thin line for a smile; felt in. Use a small amount of pink wool roving spread across and felted in for the cheeks.

Step 3: Add the Pod

Sew a simple green pocket out of flat green felt for the pod. Cut a leaf-shape and fold in half. Add two stiches to each side but leave the middle open. Attach the three peas snugly into their pod using the felting needle, shaping the pod around them. Continue poking the needle through the flat felt pod into each pea and they will become secure.


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