A beautiful beaded felt flower is easier to make than you may think! These make the prettiest embellishments to clothing, crafts, and home decor.


Use a single felt flower to dress up a project, or create several floral beauties to make a bold statement. With a metallic pop and a beaded center, these flowers look intricate, but they're so easy to make -- and our free pattern makes it even easier. For a large bunch of felt flowers, adjust the pattern to create several sizes.

What You'll Need

  • [button-pdf id="547657" title="Downloadable pattern" /]
  • White felt 
  • Green felt 
  • Craft beads
  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Create the Stem

Begin by cutting a 4-inch piece of wire and placing a bead in the center. Then, bend the wire in half. Twirl and twist the wire tails together so they form a single stem wtih a bead on the end; repeat until you have 5 bead stems. Gather the beaded stems and tape together, about an inch from the top. Don't worry about the tape color -- it won't be visible once you add the petals!

Step 2: Cut Petals

Cut the petals out of your desired felt color; you'll need four small petals and seven large petals for each flower.

Step 3: Wrap Petals

Begin hot gluing the smaller petals at the base of the tape, wrapping around the stem. Continue with the larger petals until you've glued all the petals.

Step 4: Add the Base

Use the pattern's star shape to cut out a green felt base for the flower. Trim the wires or bend them into a circular shape, and then cover the ends with the green base. This base provides an ideal surface for hot gluing the flower to another project!

Want more flowers? Try making a felt rose. 


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