A beautiful beaded felt flower is easier to make than you may think! These make the prettiest embellishments to clothing, crafts, and home decor.
finished white felt flower project

Use a single felt flower to dress up a project, or create several floral beauties to make a bold statement. With a metallic pop and a beaded center, these flowers look intricate, but they're so easy to make -- and our free pattern makes it even easier. For a large bunch of felt flowers, adjust the pattern to create several sizes.

What You'll Need

glue gun wire felt and scissors
  • [button-pdf id="547657" title="Downloadable pattern" /]
  • White felt 
  • Green felt 
  • Craft beads
  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Create the Stem

black bead on bent gold wire

Begin by cutting a 4-inch piece of wire and placing a bead in the center. Then, bend the wire in half. Twirl and twist the wire tails together so they form a single stem wtih a bead on the end; repeat until you have 5 bead stems. Gather the beaded stems and tape together, about an inch from the top. Don't worry about the tape color -- it won't be visible once you add the petals!

Step 2: Cut Petals

white and green felt cut-outs

Cut the petals out of your desired felt color; you'll need four small petals and seven large petals for each flower.

Step 3: Wrap Petals

wrapping felt around wire

Begin hot gluing the smaller petals at the base of the tape, wrapping around the stem. Continue with the larger petals until you've glued all the petals.

Step 4: Add the Base

attaching felt flower base

Use the pattern's star shape to cut out a green felt base for the flower. Trim the wires or bend them into a circular shape, and then cover the ends with the green base. This base provides an ideal surface for hot gluing the flower to another project!

Want more flowers? Try making a felt rose. 


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