Make a straight-stitch tree button in minutes, then root it in a small frame.


Materials: Scrap of solid yellow fabric Embroidery floss: brown 1-1⁄2"-diameter covered button Water- or heat-soluble marking pen


[button-pdf id="546252" title="Download the pattern here." /]


Assemble the Button:

1. Trace pattern onto white paper. Using a light box or a sunny window, trace the pattern onto right side of yellow fabric using a water- or heat-soluble marking pen. Place fabric in a small embroidery hoop. 2. Use six strands of brown floss to straight-stitch tree. Start with one long stitch for the trunk; then complete each branch. Weave floss under existing stitches on the back as you stitch to prevent show-through of stitches on the front.


3. Refer to "M.I.Y. Covered Buttons," to cut out and assemble covered button.


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