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function giveFocus(){ document.calcForm.designSize.focus();; } function giveFocus2(thisField){ } function clrForm(form){ form.designSize.value=0; form.fabricCount.value=0; form.stitchCount.value=0; form.designSize.focus();; } function calculate(form){ dSize=form.designSize.value; fCount=form.fabricCount.value; sCount=form.stitchCount.value; if (dSize==0){ dSize=sCount/fCount; form.designSize.value=dSize; }else if(fCount==0){ fCount=sCount/dSize; form.fabricCount.value=fCount; }else{ sCount=fCount*dSize; form.stitchCount.value=sCount; } }

Do you have a hard time determining the finished size of a pattern you want to stitch? Or, do you know the size of the fabric count but need to know the pattern size that will work the best? Then use our Cross-Stitch Calculator to fill in the missing number. Simply enter the two measurements you know and the calculator will do the rest!

Remember, if you are stitching on linen or evenweave fabric and are working over two threads, the number you enter in "Fabric count" should be half of the actual count of the fabric. For example, to determine the finished size of a design stitched over two threads on 28-count linen, enter "14" in the fabric count box.

Design size: inches Fabric count: holes per inch Stitch count:




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