Grown-up hair accessories are having a moment right now—and it's so easy to make your own!
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As someone who grew up wearing big, colorful barrettes in my hair every day, I couldn't be more excited that the look is coming back. The grown-up hair accessory trend is here to stay, and while you can certainly purchase your own from the store or online, it's even more fun to make them yourself with an inexpensive resin kit and a silicone mold.

If you've never used resin before, it can sound intimidating, but it requires just a few basic skills. The hardest part of the whole process is waiting for the clips to dry so you can wear them. Make yourself custom clips in different colors, or make a matching set for you and your besties.

pastel hair barrettes
Credit: Marty Baldwin

How to Make Resin Hair Clips

Supplies Needed

  • Wax paper
  • Respirator with organic vapor filters
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Barrette silicone mold kit
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lint-free towel
  • Resin clear cast kit
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Glitter
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Metal clip backs
  • E6000 adhesive

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these instructions to make your own resin hair clips. You should be able to complete the craft project in under an hour, but the clips will need to cure for up to 48 hours.

Step 1: Prepare Work Area

Before you begin, read all the directions that come with your resin kit. Then, prep your work space. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and lay down wax paper to protect your surface. You'll also want to take safety precautions anytime you're working with resin; wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a respirator ($23, Uline) while completing the project. 

Step 2: Clean Silicone Molds

To create the resin hair clips, grab a barrette silicone mold kit ($12, Michaels) that will allow you to make several clips at once. Before you begin, wipe out the molds with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free towel.

Step 3: Prepare Resin Mixture

Working with resin can be intimidating, but as long as you follow the exact measurements, the process is pretty easy. Use a clear two-part resin kit ($18, Michaels) and two separate plastic cups to to measure out the amount needed of each product. Pour one part resin in one cup, one part hardener in another cup. (It is important these amounts are exactly equal.) Only mix up the amount you need for this project—a small amount goes a long way.

In a third plastic cup, combine the two equal parts you just poured, then mix slowly for 2-3 minutes. Use a wood crafts stick ($4 for 50, Michaels) to slowly stir the mixture; try to create as few bubbles as possible, and scrape the sides and bottom of the cup as you go to get an even mix.

Step 4: Add Glitter

Most resin mixtures are clear, but once you've combined the resin and the hardener you can use glitter to color the clips any way you like. Use fine colored glitter ($2, Walmart) for a more subtle look, or larger shapes like multi-colored star glitter ($7, Walmart) to make a bold statement. Add a small amount of glitter to the mixture and continue slowly stirring until the glitter is evenly distributed.

Editor's Tip: If you're making multiple colors, separate the clear resin mixture into individual cups before adding the glitter to each one.

Step 5: Pour Mixture into Molds

Pour the resin and glitter mixture into your silicone barrette mold, and use a clean wood crafts stick to evenly spread the mixture if needed. The resin is self-leveling, so it should even itself out shortly after pouring it into the mold. If you find the mixture has a lot of unwanted bubbles that are still around after a few minutes, use a crafts heat gun or an inexpensive hair dryer ($10, Walmart) to apply low heat to the mold, which should remove the bubbles.

Step 6: Let Cure

Once you've poured the resin into the molds, the hardest part begins—waiting! The resin will take 24-48 hours to cure, depending on the temperature in the room. We recommend waiting two full days, just to be completely sure the mixture has set. After two days, remove the clips from the mold and use E6000 glue ($3, Walmart) to adhere the metal clip to the back of the resin piece. Once the glue has dried completely, your clips are ready to wear!


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