You'll be making them in every color.

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Clay earrings in bold shapes and bright colors are having a moment, but jewelry can be expensive, especially if you pick up more than one pair. But this is one fashion trend that's easy to create at home—and you don't need any special craft skills to make them yourself!

We'll show you how to roll and cut different colors of polymer clay to make your own vibrant earrings. It's so easy and inexpensive, you'll be making a pair to match every outfit in your closet. Stock up on clay in all your favorite colors, choose a style and shape, and start creating!

clay earrings
Credit: Marty Baldwin

How to Make Polymer Clay Earrings

Supplies Needed

  • Polymer clay
  • Shape cutters
  • Straight edge 
  • Needle 
  • Rolling pin 
  • Baking sheet
  • Pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Earring studs

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these simple how-to instructions to make your own clay earrings. You should be able to make several sets of earrings in under an hour (not including baking time).

Step 1: Prepare Clay

Before you begin making your earrings, decide what color you want to make: If you're going for a marbled look, you'll need at least two colors. Look for oven-bake polymer clay ($3, Michaels) and get as many colors as you like. You should be able to make several pairs out of one block of clay.

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Step 2: Roll Clay and Cut Earrings

Make Arch Earrings: To make the arch shape, roll out the main body color to be about ¼-inch thick on your work surface and use an arched earring shape cutter ($4, Etsy) to cut out the shape. To create the earrings, cut out the arch shape (you'll need two shapes per set), then roll out the color of clay you want to use for the top. Roll and cut the shape and set all four pieces aside. 

Using a needle, make small holes for the jump rings to go through at the top of the large arch and the bottom of the smaller top piece. 

Make Abstract Color Block Earrings: Choose the background color of clay and roll it ¼-inch thick. Place the second color of clay on top of the first and roll and twist the clays together to mix the colors. Knead the clay together to create a marbled effect (be careful not to knead the clay so much that the colors blend together) and roll back out to ¼-inch thick. 

Cut two larger abstract shapes and two small abstract shapes: Since the shapes are abstract, you can use a cutter or freehand them to be about the same size. Use a needle to make small holes for the jump rings at the top of the large shape and the bottom of the small shape; set shapes aside until you're ready to bake them. 

Make Textured Earrings: To make textured earrings, roll any color of clay out to ¼-inch thick, then press something with a distinct texture on top of the clay. You can use any textured surface that's light enough to pick up and place on top of the clay, or you can order a metal clay stamp ($7, Etsy). The harder you press the more pronounced the texture will be. Cut out your earring shapes and use a needle to place holes for the jump rings. Set aside the shapes, being careful not to handle them too much to preserve the texture.

Step 3: Bake Earrings 

Since you need to bake the clay earrings, we recommend cutting and baking a whole set all at once. Cut and prepare all the shapes you want so you can bake them all at the same time while you've got the oven going. Before you put the shapes in, double-check they all have small holes to place the rings. When you're ready, place your clay shapes on a baking sheet and bake according to package directions.

Step 4: Add Jump Rings and Earring Studs 

Once your shapes have baked and cooled completely, lightly sand the shapes with fine sandpaper to remove any imperfections or sharp edges. Use a pair of small pliers ($2, Walmart) to open enough jump rings ($4, Michaels) for each pair of earrings. Place a jump ring through each of the top and bottom sets and use the pliers to close the jump rings. When you've attached all the rings, glue a flat earring stud ($4 for 60, Michaels) to the back of each earring. Once the glue is completely dry and the studs are secure, the earrings are ready to wear.


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