Turn playtime into a "hoppy" one with a funny frog mask, complete with a freshly caught pom-pom fly!

cupcake-liner frog mask craft

School-age kids will love peeking through the bulging eyes of this frog mask. Made from layers of white and green baking cups, this mask is an easy DIY craft for kids to help with. Attach the finished mask to a wooden stick for easy play. This is a great craft for kids birthday parties. Let each kid design their own mask to take home with them, and let them see how many different kinds of frogs they can "discover" by using different colors for this cupcake liner craft.

What You'll Need

  • Cardstock: green
  • Regular-size baking cups: assorted green, red
  • Adhesive mounting squares
  • Mini baking cups: five green, two white
  • Black marker
  • Pom-pom: black
  • Scrap of white paper
  • Wood crafts stick

Step-by-Step Instructions

Making this frog mask is surprisingly easy. Just follow our simple DIY craft instructions for kids!

attach folded cups to bottom half

Step 1: Make the Base

Make a base for the mask by drawing two slightly overlapping 3"-diameter circles onto green cardstock; cut out the shape without cutting through the intersecting lines.

Tip: Use a jelly jar or similar size jar to trace the circles. Fold two matching regular-size green baking cups in half. Attach the folded cups to the bottom half of each mask circle using adhesive squares.

adhere nose, tongue, and mouth

Step 2: Form Face

Flatten a mini green baking cup, and fold it in half for the nose. Mark two black dots for nostrils on the center, unpleated portion of the baking cup. Cut a regular-size green baking cup in half, then fold one piece in half to make the mouth. To make a tongue, cut two 3/4 x 2" strips from a red baking cup. Adhere the pieces together with right sides facing out. Round one end, and glue a black pom-pom to the end. Cut a small heart from white paper, and glue it to the pom-pom to make a fly. Adhere the nose, tongue, and mouth together with an adhesive squares as shown. Attach the pieces to the center of the mask using adhesive squares.

attach pieces using adhesive squares
join pieces to make eyes

Step 3: Add Eyes

Fold four regular-size green baking cups in half. Attach the pieces to the mask as shown using adhesive squares. Add details using a black marker. Place a mini white baking cup inside a standard green baking cup. Cut a circle through the layers in the center. Then, use a marker to outline the hole with a thick black line. Join the pieces using adhesive squares to make an eye. Repeat to make a second eye.

trim mask around eye holes

Step 5: Finish Mask

Attach the eyes to the top of the mask using adhesive squares. Trim the mask base to prevent it from blocking the eyeholes. Attach a crafts stick to the back of the side of the mask base for a handle.


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