Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.  Each cookie takes just a minute or two to make, so producing more than one is quick and easy!

cupcake liner fortune cookies finished project

Kids can craft this fortune cookie by folding a baking cupcake liner in half and inserting a handwritten message, which makes it a fine craft for decorating the dinner table or for a party. Have older kids write out messages for inside the cookie, and let younger kids fold them.

What You Need

  • Regular-size baking cups: assorted yellow and orange
  • Adhesive mounting squares
  • Strips of white paper
  • Marker

Step-by-Step Instructions

Making this easy DIY fortune cookie takes hardly any time. Follow these two easy steps, then sneak them into kids' lunchboxes the next day.

patterned cupcake liner

Step 1: Fold

Fold a cupcake baking cup in half, shaping the bottom to tuck inside the cookie. Don't spread out the paper cup too much, or it will loose its shape. Attach the folded halves using an adhesive square.

folded cupcake liner fortune cookie

Step 2: Fortunes

Write a message on a strip of paper and slide it into the fortune cookie. You can fold the paper, or use a little tape to keep the fortune closed.


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